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When im alone i feel so much better [entries|friends|calendar]

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getting ready for gobble-con [08 Nov 2011|10:50am]
well taintedsweets is getting ready for GOBBLE-CON!!!

me and my sis are currently getting our prints, stickers and other goodies ready for this con > 7 </

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[01 Aug 2011|07:18pm]
:iconikm-lovers: the group is still getting things fixed BUT
OMG Q///////////A//////////////Q I.......WHAT?!?!
Q/////w/////Q but i dont mind it~~
uhhhh but yeaaa. . w .  feel free to join? XDD
LOL ill be happh if i get 10 ppl < W >:;;;  cuz thats really all i expect 8'DDDD
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ikm took over~! > W > [14 Jan 2011|10:14am]
hey guys~! :D
opened up a new site called TaintedSweets! > U </
its a cute and creepy shop i do with my sister,
if your interested in seeing it please check it out C: 
also i might not be very active..BUT ILL TRY Q W Q 
if you want to add me on other sites where i am active here you go



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Cookie plushie and Sticky Note freebie! [25 Jan 2010|07:02pm]
I failed lol ... anywho .. gonna use random number generator and pick winners! @_@

Fail times two i dont know how to screenshot on windows thats on a mac @__@ OTL OTL OTL

sorry guys >_<
anywho ... winners are:
30 :iconibr-remote:
23 :icontehpuppy:
38 :iconterrabird7:
9 xsakura-starx LJ

Member to send me a note of your addy!!! :)
Thanks to all those that participated and no worries you never know when ill be needing to clean up inventory! ^_~

as for another fail, the pictures of the new plushies arnt on this computer T____T sigh... but congrats to the winners!!!

Freebie Time!! :3
Check it out here: [link]

Thats right bunniies!! :meow:
I will pick 4 lucky winners to receive a milk and cookies sticky note with a cookie plushie! yay!!! I think I have the whole livestream thing figured out @_@ LOL not sure but guess we will see tonight haha
I was thinking 930pm Eastern time. I have to run a few errands after work and eat so i should be good to go around 930 XD
Ill make screenshots of the 4 winners in case people can't join the funn .. REMEMBER You must be able to receive a gift through mail! otherwise how is it suppose to get to you :\ ?

also if you fav'd or commented the deviation but dont see your icon let me know! Wouldn't want you to miss out ya know?! :)

So remember how this is being done to make room for new cute stuff, welllllll not only will I announce the winners, But I will post the new, softer, cuter Cookie plushies that will be for sale! :) Ill Keep you guys updated on the time Ill have it.

Ill be making a list of the people who comment and/or fav. the deviation.

There will be 4 winners! :)
LJ users can leave a comment here for a chance :)

List of Participants (DeviantArt and LJ users)

1. :iconeliantart: 2. :icongiedruciuks: 3. :iconblackopal: 4. :iconprincessgsm: 5. :iconsnapesgirl34:
6. :iconnairotsi: 7. :iconmunches2008: 8. Chox LJ [link] 9. xsakura-starx LJ [link] 10. :iconsherryyuki:
11. :iconrawrxpanda: 12. :iconsakura-neko-chan5885: 13. :iconnejilovedove1010: 14. winged-kame LJ [link] 15. :iconace-bunny:
16. :iconsirtrips: 17. :iconrawrcookiedreamer: 18. pyromaniac14 LJ [link] 19. original01 LJ [link] 20. :iconacwinx:
21. :iconscarecrows-l12: 22. ryou_lover15 LJ [link] 23. :icontehpuppy: 24. :iconchoco-zuki: 25. :icondana-wilson:
26. :iconshizuma-uchiha: 27. :iconcathy86: 28. :iconelectricgreenstar: 29. :iconorisinall: 30. :iconibr-remote:
31. :iconodottyo: 32. :iconaneeqaa: 33. :iconbazikotek: 34. :iconthatsbumblebee2u: 35. :iconfudgecakekamy:
36. :iconmisterycai: 37. :iconkwiatsniegu: 38. :iconterrabird7:


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A Pirates Life for Me! [18 Jan 2010|04:47pm]

New MyGrafico Set!! ^_^ A piratey theme arg!!

You guys can purcahse it here! ^_^

Im also working on a few pirate backgrounds! ^_^
This whole set has been fun, I just loved drawing these little guys.
I cam up with all these fun cards ideas .. epp just gotta sit down and make em, i gots so much to do and work lol I dunno where to start @_@

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Cupcake Sunday - Tri-color Cupcake :3 [18 Jan 2010|09:40am]

:) First cupcake sunday yay!!! :)

So today i decided to make a tricolored cupcake. It is a simple version of the rainbow cake.
So this is what I made! :) … (Cupcake did not come with face, though that would have been awesome!) These would actually make great valentines day cupcakes!! Cute bright colorful colors!

So Click here to see how it was made: ^___^
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2010 Plans [15 Jan 2010|01:23pm]
So i got some new plans for this year :)
and to help keep these plans i shall use this ALMIGHTY BLOG!! <3 lol
Lets start with this weekend!
Sunday will be Cupcake Sunday!! There are so many recipes I want to try and designs I'd love to make! So ill be posting my successful and unsuccessful baking adventures every Sunday. Ill share the recipe, post pictures, and give my input and heck you guys can too! ^_^

MyGrafico Mondays!! So every Monday a brand new set is garenteed to appear on the site! :) Ill post it here and a few little sample of what I have made with them and what you can makes too yay!!

Crafty Wednesday!! so wednesday ill post some of the projects ill be working on or have finished. ^_^ like plushies, stationary, pins, clothes, jewerly .. always something new ^_^

and last but not least!! ... dun dun dun Fine Art Fridays!! Sketches and painting and sculptures oh my! :3 This way i can help build my portfolio ^_^ exciting!!

As for the other days? They may or may not be random updates, who know but i will def try to keep those 4 days always blogged ^__^ <3 Anywho going to find and get stuff ready for Cupcake Sunday!! Weee~

You can follow me here or on, http://taintedsweets.blogspot.com/ :)
The journey of a crazy lil artist ^_^
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[08 Dec 2009|10:19am]
Todays Zazzle Offer is 60% off All posters!!
Decorate your room with these great kawaii posters!! Take advantage of the amazing mark down!! :)
Here is just some of the cute posters that are on sale!!

use code


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[01 Nov 2009|09:46pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Halloween was great! Hope everyone got lots of candy!! I had lots of fun dressing up as a pirate hehe and my friend mike took pictures of me and nicole @_@ i wonder how they came out ... im real excited to get the photos that nicle took at the train station also .. and they in black and white so woot! .. funny, i dont really like getting my pictures taken but i like dressing up and running around and getting cool pictures taken gives me a reason to dress up haha .. oh wells

Jackies Uncle Sam costume came out awesome!! ill have to post pics of what I did. The before and after pics

Im currently adding a few things to zazzle. I need to finish a few new designs and finish up my zombie pictures :) yay zombies!! oh oh and my elevator pitch ~_~
yeaaaaa....i have to work on that bah,
anywho back to zazzle

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[21 Oct 2009|05:03pm]
madness!! madness i tell you!!
Soooo I found this awesome paper (well i think its going to be awesome lol) Can't wait till it comes in the mail! Then i can test print my designs! :)
So, I decided that I was going to offer prints for free basically,sorta. o_O
madness?? maybe lol
why? Well for a few reason actually.
1. I realllllly want to print these uys out i think they'd make cute lil 8x10's
2. Due to my current job position i am not aloud to sell posters until well im no longer working there.
So.... that means lucky you!!
well sort of, Now the prints will technically be free. All that I would be charging is $3 for shipping. (this will will help pay for your nice envelope, cardboard so the print doesnt get bent, stamp, and paypal fee.) and $.25 per additional print (paper cost)
so those $3 + will barely cover, if that >_< for the prints. But for the time being i have to say i dont really mind, id really just love to be able to share these mini posters with others. Once the paper comes in I will test print and see how it goes, if im happy with it then yay mini posters if not, well ... back to the drawing board :(
Also with halloween quickly approaching I wanted to do a lil raffle of sorts. It wont be a big prize but it will include cute lil plushies and pins all halloween themed! Ill post pictures tomorrow night when they are all done. :)

or maybe tonight .. ill see
gahh gotta finish pirate costume @_@

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[06 Oct 2009|03:21pm]
so much stuff to get done @_@
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SELF PORTRAIT~~ [11 Aug 2009|02:58pm]

My shoe!! and all cutesy stuff and foods!! :D

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[11 Aug 2009|02:39pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So yes yes, i keep saying i am going update and then BAM ><
i go MIA
but ive actually got some much cool, cute, creepy, funky stuff to show all you people!!
and will be discussing future projects here too.
well I thought Id share a few sketchs, random fun colorful ones :D from a resent sketchbook swap

Sketchbook pagesCollapse )

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[06 May 2009|09:44am]
[ mood | calm ]

So i manage to scan one of my favorite quick sketches that i have on my wall at work :)
its a little mouse that is thinking about how great it is to have a tummy full of cheese
Soooo much cheese he couldnt even eat it all!!
for a real quick few minute sketch i think it came out rather cute.
I need a new mini watercolor sketchbook >_<
need to make more of these, I would love to make better mice.
I also have a mouse sculpture on my desk. Ill have to take nice pictures to show you guys :)
Charlie?Collapse )

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[01 May 2009|02:31pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

So it's been a while since I have actually updated. Im always on lurking in the communities, just havent written anything in a long long time. >_<
Well after lots and lots of thinking and drawing, o_O
I decided to come back but make this more about an art blog. :)
So i can have some place to show my art and have people tell me what they think.
I shall start with the hedgies I have been illustrating.
They is WAYYY too cute :)
I need a name for him thou :( .. any ideas?
HedgieCollapse )

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[11 Nov 2008|09:47am]
[ mood | calm ]

9:49 am
Im bored at work and decided to get back on my widdle LJ <3
*hugs it so*
miss all you guys >_< .. gotta catch up with all juus Y_Y
so much ive missed its crazy ...
so ima be 21 soon!! yay!
probably gonna just stay home, my bday falls on turkey day this year so ill have lots of food =3
im done with school for the moment .. taking a year off so consentrate on my art stuff
work is cool .. it has its moments =3
speaking of work .. boss lady is here .. time to stop being a bum :(

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[27 Nov 2007|02:19pm]
today, i am twenty! ^_^
Happy birthday to me
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[24 Nov 2007|11:54am]
I look in the mirror and I'm not who I used to be at all
Its comin' clearer...
Its really happening
I'm Beauty dancing with the Beast.

omg i made a dragon! ^_^
yes, life is good again....
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[28 Oct 2007|06:11am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

.. its times like this, i wish i could just die >_<
If i didnt wanna have babies in the future, id ask the doctors if i could get my ovaries removed >_<
cause i wouldnt need them >_<
worst way to wake up: in fetal position, crying due to internal injuries >_< and other stuff o_O; and confused

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[09 Oct 2007|08:44am]
[ mood | blank ]

Tantas veces la hice mia, me di su amor fue solo para mi.
Se ha llevado mis caricias toda iliusion mis ganas de vivir.
Fue su cuerpo, mi guardia su risa, mi alegria,
Su alma, mi salvacion.
Fue su entrega, mi delirio, su ventre, mi camino,
Su piel, mi adoracion.

Tal vez la encuentre alguna vez bajo el cielo junto al mar,
Sera la estrelia que su fue,
Para no volver jamas.
Tal vez la tuve que perder para si poder sonar,
Con el pasado en que la ame
Y que nunca morira, y que nunca morira.

Hoy la noche esta vacia
Con un adios que sabe soledad,
Me dejo su despedida que mi balcon,
Parece suspirar tras la sombra miro al cielo,
Y llora mi silencio porque no volvera
Luna di la que la quiero,
Que sin su amor me muero dime donde estara.

Tal vez la encuentre alguna vez
Bajo el cielo junto al mar, sera la estrella que se fue
Para no volver jamas.
Tal vez la tuve que perder para si poder sonar,
Con el pasado en que la ame
Y que nunca morira, y que nunca morira.


.... bleh -.-

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