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2010 Plans

So i got some new plans for this year :)
and to help keep these plans i shall use this ALMIGHTY BLOG!! <3 lol
Lets start with this weekend!
Sunday will be Cupcake Sunday!! There are so many recipes I want to try and designs I'd love to make! So ill be posting my successful and unsuccessful baking adventures every Sunday. Ill share the recipe, post pictures, and give my input and heck you guys can too! ^_^

MyGrafico Mondays!! So every Monday a brand new set is garenteed to appear on the site! :) Ill post it here and a few little sample of what I have made with them and what you can makes too yay!!

Crafty Wednesday!! so wednesday ill post some of the projects ill be working on or have finished. ^_^ like plushies, stationary, pins, clothes, jewerly .. always something new ^_^

and last but not least!! ... dun dun dun Fine Art Fridays!! Sketches and painting and sculptures oh my! :3 This way i can help build my portfolio ^_^ exciting!!

As for the other days? They may or may not be random updates, who know but i will def try to keep those 4 days always blogged ^__^ <3 Anywho going to find and get stuff ready for Cupcake Sunday!! Weee~

You can follow me here or on, http://taintedsweets.blogspot.com/ :)
The journey of a crazy lil artist ^_^
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