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Cookie plushie and Sticky Note freebie!

I failed lol ... anywho .. gonna use random number generator and pick winners! @_@

Fail times two i dont know how to screenshot on windows thats on a mac @__@ OTL OTL OTL

sorry guys >_<
anywho ... winners are:
30 :iconibr-remote:
23 :icontehpuppy:
38 :iconterrabird7:
9 xsakura-starx LJ

Member to send me a note of your addy!!! :)
Thanks to all those that participated and no worries you never know when ill be needing to clean up inventory! ^_~

as for another fail, the pictures of the new plushies arnt on this computer T____T sigh... but congrats to the winners!!!

Freebie Time!! :3
Check it out here: [link]

Thats right bunniies!! :meow:
I will pick 4 lucky winners to receive a milk and cookies sticky note with a cookie plushie! yay!!! I think I have the whole livestream thing figured out @_@ LOL not sure but guess we will see tonight haha
I was thinking 930pm Eastern time. I have to run a few errands after work and eat so i should be good to go around 930 XD
Ill make screenshots of the 4 winners in case people can't join the funn .. REMEMBER You must be able to receive a gift through mail! otherwise how is it suppose to get to you :\ ?

also if you fav'd or commented the deviation but dont see your icon let me know! Wouldn't want you to miss out ya know?! :)

So remember how this is being done to make room for new cute stuff, welllllll not only will I announce the winners, But I will post the new, softer, cuter Cookie plushies that will be for sale! :) Ill Keep you guys updated on the time Ill have it.

Ill be making a list of the people who comment and/or fav. the deviation.

There will be 4 winners! :)
LJ users can leave a comment here for a chance :)

List of Participants (DeviantArt and LJ users)

1. :iconeliantart: 2. :icongiedruciuks: 3. :iconblackopal: 4. :iconprincessgsm: 5. :iconsnapesgirl34:
6. :iconnairotsi: 7. :iconmunches2008: 8. Chox LJ [link] 9. xsakura-starx LJ [link] 10. :iconsherryyuki:
11. :iconrawrxpanda: 12. :iconsakura-neko-chan5885: 13. :iconnejilovedove1010: 14. winged-kame LJ [link] 15. :iconace-bunny:
16. :iconsirtrips: 17. :iconrawrcookiedreamer: 18. pyromaniac14 LJ [link] 19. original01 LJ [link] 20. :iconacwinx:
21. :iconscarecrows-l12: 22. ryou_lover15 LJ [link] 23. :icontehpuppy: 24. :iconchoco-zuki: 25. :icondana-wilson:
26. :iconshizuma-uchiha: 27. :iconcathy86: 28. :iconelectricgreenstar: 29. :iconorisinall: 30. :iconibr-remote:
31. :iconodottyo: 32. :iconaneeqaa: 33. :iconbazikotek: 34. :iconthatsbumblebee2u: 35. :iconfudgecakekamy:
36. :iconmisterycai: 37. :iconkwiatsniegu: 38. :iconterrabird7:


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